Tracking in Movies and TV Series.

Frantically updated as I run across into new stuff, this list is intended to be an invitation. Not all the movies here mentioned are masterpiece or what, they just contain some scenes (good or bad reconstructions, it depends) based on Tracking.

Enjoy and please write me pm or leave a comment if you have some other good titles. I’m hungry for that!

Borderline, 1980
The Hunted
The Hunted, 2003
The Edge
The Edge, 1997
The Deadly Trackers, 1973
Jurassic World
Jurassic World, 2015
The Missing
The Missing, 2003
The Unit
The Unit, 2006
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead, 2010
True Detective
True Detective, 2014



Track-Movie 2. “The Edge”, 1997


Awesome and pretty much 1997 survival movie directed by Lee Tamahori and starring Anthony Hopkins as billionaire Charles Morse and Alec Baldwin, vicious assistant and his wife not-so-much secret lover. After an aeroplaine crash the two (initially with a third person, a photographer), should be able to remain alive into the Canadian Wilderness. There’s some good scenes of tracking too, you won’t miss them.