General George Crook with Apache Scouts, Arizona. 1886

1886: General George Crook,  was head of Departiment of Arizona, after the forced capitulation of Apache. But Geronimo was still on the loose. Indians used to call him Nantan Lupan (Grey Wolf), showing him their respect.

At that time, US Generals experienced a large, common employ of Indian Scouts to help them finding their quarries meanwhile a follow up. General Crook was order to round up all the Natives and bring them into reserves.

During march of the same year, General Crook and Geronimo had three intense days of negotiations in Cañon de los Embudos – Sierra Madre, approximately 86 miles from Fort Bowie. Geronimo asked photographer C.S.Fly to take pictures of himself with his two sons: “the only existing photograph’s of Geronimo’s surrender”.


That night, Geronimo and 25 of his fellows escaped along with the darkeness and through the mexican border. Crook lost his command and was replaced by Nelson A. Miles.