While tracking, it’s peculiar to know exactly what to look for, depending on the scenario you are in. Desert areas actually present very different characteristics from forested areas. What catches the eye could be eagerly divided in several categories which are called EVP (Elements of Visual Perception). This means that our eyes actually stop their movement to focus on anything we detect to be strange, almost weird in a specific scenario, for example: shape, contour, color, vividness/dullness and so on. Think about looking at a bed of leaves into a forest. Our eyes wander along the ground until something catches our eye: it could be a dislodged stone, an overturned leave, a rip off bark, a broken twig, an abandoned red hat. In tracking, eyes and mind work together to let the Tracker reconstruct the story and solve the mistery putting together all the visual elements he had collected.

Kyt Walken